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Loofah sponge


in Loofah

Natural vegetable loofah sponge. For a gentle shower with a 100% natural scrub. The essential complement to our soaps. Length: 10cm


Real 100% natural scrub.
The Loofah Sponge gently exfoliates the skin.Loofah or loofah is a plant from the Cucurbitaceae family. Once emptied and dried, the loofah becomes a sponge with multiple virtues. Known for centuries for its exceptional properties on the epidermis, the loofah sponge will quickly become an ally of choice for the beauty of your skin. In addition to its exfoliating qualities, loofah promotes lymphatic drainage, stimulates tissues, accelerates the evacuation of toxins and effectively eliminates cellulite without attacking your skin.

Application tips

Rinse the sponge with water. Apply or rub the washing soap on it then wash the body. Rinse the sponge at the end of its use.


100% loofah.

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