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Prodige Ricin dry oil


Prodige Ricin dry oil
with castor, rapeseed and sesame oils

Natural dry oil.
Ideal for all types of dry or oily skin.
Nourishes, deeply hydrates and softens the skin.
Ideal for problem skin.
Strengthens and densifies hair from roots to ends.
Makes hair shine and accelerates growth.


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Why do we use violet glass packagings?


Prodige Ricin dry oil

Our nourishing oils are composed of three precious oils. The formulation of our oils is scrupulously studied to draw the best and make them remarkable. We favor a natural method using vegetable oils that remain intact and retain their intrinsic qualities, oils with fine molecules that make our oils very pleasant to spread. In addition to deeply nourishing the skin, they reveal its natural radiance. Our dry oils quickly penetrate the skin without leaving traces on clothes.
Here, our natural Castor Prodigy dry oil meets the requirements of the Bio Earth Durable charter, is composed of the following oils:

Rapeseed oil: Rapeseed oil helps regulate the skin and nourishes it deeply. Helps prevent and reduce wrinkles and spots.

Castor oil: Castor oil nourishes, moisturizes and soothes dry skin. Ideal for skin problems (psoriasis, acne, dermatitis, …). For the hair, it strengthens the hair from root to tip, makes it shine and accelerates growth.

Sesame oil: Sesame oil is regenerating, softening, antioxidant (anti-aging). It is also protective, softening and anti-inflammatory.

All our oils are alcohol-free, without chemical preservatives and 100% natural.

Application Tips

In the form of a pump bottle, this oil will quickly penetrate the skin. Apply a few drops morning and evening to cleansed skin, massaging gently.

To activate hair growth: Apply a few drops of oil to your hands and massage the entire scalp. Leave on for about 1 hour before washing your hair.
For daily maintenance: Apply a few drops of oil to your hands and spread over the lengths and ends.


Brassica campestris oil, Ricinus communis seed oil,  Sesamum indium seed oil, Parfum, Tocopherol

Beauty ritual

The face

Prodige de Ricin dry oil is recommended for dry and problem skin. Before applying it, wash your face with the Oriental Night Cold Soap (recommended for dry and dehydrated skin) and the Konjac Sponge with Aloe Vera which will gently cleanse your face.

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